your company with you everywhere

Seambox is an Online Communication System built on top of a CRM that provides a Seamless Enterprise Link to potential customers, on-going customers, suppliers, referers and many others.

Effective Contacts Management

feature1 Seambox offers a comprehensive set of tool to manage your contacts. Start building your contact database by importing your contacts or create a simple html within Seambox - requiring no specific skills - to embed in your website to turn visitor into prospects.

Contact Profile Workflow

feature1 Let Seambox adjust to your needs. Easily determine your contact information structure and workflow. Build lasting relations with your contacts maximize conversion from prospects to clients.

Reduce the cost of your Seambox to 0 (zero)

feature1 Win credits to use with your Seambox. Send invitations to your partners and friends and get a bonus in your account for the subscriptions they make.

Unified communication management

feature1 You can manage any kind of communication within Seambox, from e-mail, newsletters, SMS or fax messaging to voice communication or letter communications. Seambox lets you organize messages in profiles (marketing, opportunities, support or other you determine).

Models and Canned messages

feature1 Seambox gives you the tools for storing any messages template to be used through your Seambox Communication System. These message templates can be built to use information from you contact for message personalization purpose.

Email and Website Analytics

feature1 Track your company communication activity, contact conversion, and website activity. Generate graphical reports of your company's communication activity and view its effectiveness. Get reports of your website activity to help you optimize your site structure and information.